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Why the weight of the door is so important for everything?

The basic idea of having garage doors is to ensure that the door will open when we want to get the car out and keep it closed to protect our homes. Components just serve this idea and make the door's movement possible. So, they must have the strengths to move it.

Why the door gets off the track?

The garage door gets off track when the rollers pop off the tracks. This usually happens when there are significant problems with the tracks. When they are damaged, misaligned or even very dirty, the garage door rollers will find obstructions and won't be able to roll properly. They'll pop off and so will the door.

Do I really need a garage door opener?

Garage door openers are not a necessity but are very convenient additions to any garage door. They make it easy getting in and out of a garage. Also, it’s worth noting that automatic door openers tend to increase the value of a home being put up for sale.

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