Electric garage door problems solved with modern techniques by experts

Smart ideas of how to adjust garage door springs and other component parts without getting hurt. Read our tips!

Don't let children play in the garage

Apart from the sharp tools you probably keep in the garage, garage doors can also be a great threat to small children and that's why this isn't the ideal environment for games. If you're out of options, at least maintain the garage door and fix the sensors and don't let kids play with the clicker.

Get wireless opener keypads

Wireless garage door opener keypads are very practical and as our experts in Midland Park say they can be even more convenient than remotes since they can't get lost. They come in waterproof boxes and have LED buttons. They work with rolling codes, have temporary codes and you can change your password as often as you like.

Keep safe and avoid a moving door

When it comes to safety, you should always avoid a moving door. Do not walk, stand or run under a moving garage door. Keep your fingers away from the hinges, section joints, springs, tracks, and other parts of the door. Additionally, watch the door until it closes completely.

Using the right garage door opener remote

If you have an old garage door opener remote, you shouldn’t use it with your new opener. It will only work if the frequency is the same. Some universal remotes can match the frequency of your new opener as well, it is important to make sure of that before purchase.

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